The value of Twitter

People occasionally tell me they don’t understand twitter, and in particular don’t see the point of all the “I am doing X” tweets. Why tell the world what you’re up to? Let me tell you a story. Names of people and products have been omitted or disguised but the details are essentially true. Some of you might recognise yourselves, though!

A few weeks ago I was watching and listening to an online demo of product X. As I sat at my desk I simply tweeted, “Having a demo of product X.” while watching the demo. Within a few minutes I had a reply from somebody who had recently bought product X and was about to start using it. Having their opinion about it was really helpful during the demo and gave me some questions to ask that I wouldn’t have thought of myself. That conversation, while the demo was still happening, was really valuable, but was just the start. The following day I got a phone call from one of my followers who happens to work for a company that sells product Y – a competitor of product X. We spoke for a while and eventually ended up having a demo of product Y too. We haven’t yet decided which of those two is better, but we may not have had a choice to make were it not for twitter. Finally, one of my friends on twitter is a consultant who happens to have experience of both product X and product Y and offered his opinion after seeing my original tweet.

So, one “what’s happening?” tweet turned into twitter and phone conversations with multiple people, and got me a lot of information about the product I was looking at, and about a competitor. Information I may not have got without all these people offering it to me. Note, I didn’t even ask for opinions. I just said what I was up to, and some helpful people offered their relevant experiences in response.

This is why I love twitter!



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