Eye-Fi update

Eye-Fi Connect X2A little while ago I got an Eye-Fi card. My first impressions of it are here. The more I used it, the more useful I’ve found it. One thing I’ve found really useful is the ability to take photos on a real camera, edit them in various simple ways on my iPod Touch, and then post them online – Facebook, Twitter, etc. To do that, though I need a MiFi. The photos go from the camera up to Google’s Picasa (in my case, but could be one of many similar services) via the MiFi. I then download them from Picasa onto my iPod, tweak as necessary and post. The ability to do this out in the field, without the need for a “proper” computer, is more useful than I expected. The iPod, and moreso an iPad if only I had one, is a pretty handy photo editing device when fed with decent resolution images. The only downside is the need for the MiFi. Mobile broadband isn’t always hugely fast, and sending high resolution images through it several times eats up my monthly data allowance pretty quickly. But things have just changed…

Now, though, the MiFi isn’t needed. At least not for most of that process. Eye-Fi released a firmware for update for its X2 cards this week. The update enables “Direct Mode” WiFi. That is, the Eye-Fi card itself will operate as a WiFi access point. I can then connect my iPod to that network and an iOS Eye-Fi app will receive files from the card. Perfect for photography while out and about. I automatically get all photos transferred from camera to iPod (leaving copies on the SD card, of course), and when a real network is available (MiFi if I want to, but home or other network if I can wait) they also go to whatever online services (Picasa in my case) I have configured.

I’m looking forward to playing with this some more now. The Eye-Fi has just become more even useful…


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