On Twitter and Google+ I follow and am followed by people from different communities. There are personal friends, people from my workplace, people from my field of work, and others. When I engage in conversations on Twitter those conversations tend to stay within a particular community of users because the tweets are not visible to others. Google+ is different…

When I post something on Google+, assuming I make it public, all of the people that follow me can see it, but more importantly they can see all of the comments made on it, even if they don’t themselves follow the people making the comments. I have several times now seen discussions happen on Google+ involving people who don’t know each other and whose only connection is that they both know me, and that they have something to contribute to the topic at hand. I’m really excited that Google+ is able to bring together people in this way – it is a great way of finding new, interesting people.

Do you see this happening on items you post to Google+?

You can find me on Google+ here, and if you haven’t signed up yet, this link will get you in.


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