I’ve not had a lot of time to play with it since last night, so these are essentially knee-jerk reactions. Executive summary – I don’t like it, and I’ve gone back to using 0.38.2. Thankfully that wasn’t uninstalled when I installed 1.0.

The first time you run Tweetdeck 1.0, you are¬†presented¬†with a login screen. Not a twitter login screen, though. A Tweetdeck login screen. You need a Tweetdeck account to use Tweetdeck. Why? If you don’t have one, you have to create a Tweetdeck account before you can use Tweetdeck to access your Twitter account. And this is the official desktop Twitter client from Twitter, now? This makes no sense to me. Isn’t this just adding barriers to use?

Once you get past that hurdle, you are presented with the new style Twitter interface, matching the twitter.com interface and that of the new mobile apps. It looks quite nice, but there’s one glaring problem – no narrow columns. In the old tweetdeck I can easily fit 5 columns across my screen. In the new Tweetdeck I can fit only three. Lots of columns is the main reason I use Tweetdeck. Without that, there’s little point.

That last reason was good enough to send me back to old Tweetdeck so there may well be good things hiding in the new one that I haven’t found yet, and will not find until narrow columns come back. Somebody tell me when, or if, that happens…


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  1. George Credland @ 2011-12-09 09:37

    Couldn’t agree more. I always use Narrow Columns to see more feeds.

    They also appear to have dropped LinkedIn integration, limiting to just Twitter and Facebook.

    Just noticed the “New Followers” column option appears to have gone as well.
    A pity as that’s the main way I spot new contacts.

    Already using Echofon on iPad due to the poor TweetDeck implementation, this’ll push further in that direction. Just a shame not to have the multiple column support in Echofon.

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