About me

Steve RumsbyI am currently SAP Technical Manager at the University of Warwick, responsible for the technical architecture supporting the University’s SAP and related systems. In addition I get involved in application development and the design of the application architecture, with a side-order of GRC for good measure!

Before I discovered the world of SAP I was a Systems Administrator, looking after networks of Unix, PC (Linux and Windows) and Mac machines. I was heavily involved in the development of the first ISO standard for C++, published in 1999.

I love finding new ways to get technology to help people do new things, or do existing things better. That necessarily means keeping up with all of the latest developments in many different areas of IT, and sadly means maintaining a healthy interest in gadgets of all kinds.

Outside the world of IT I am rediscovering a love of photography after a break of many years. I also have a wife, two children, a cat and a guinea pig who seem to take up all of my spare time between them:-) Oh, and about a dozen stick insects…

You can find me as @steverumsby on Twitter.